Hey Mamas…I need your advice- What do I really need as a new mom?

Thursday, October 20

I am almost half way through my pregnancy, which is crazy! Just this week i've started to actually feel our little apple dumpling inside me, which is something special. I've started a journal to document my prayers for our sweet girl, and it's been fun to write down quotes from some of the mothering books i'm reading, and ask God specific things for our baby.

I also just started a baby registry, as I figured I will have next to no time to work on that once the holidays hit! And once I started my registry, I realized…I have no idea what to register for, haha!

That's where YOU come in Oh wise one! If you're a mama (or even if you just take care of babies a lot!) i'm sure you have your opinions on what the best baby gear is and what's been most helpful!

Because i'm trying really hard not to just accumulate "stuff", I'd love for you to share the items that you actually REALLY needed and came in clutch!

Any tips on strollers, carseats, baby carriers, bottles, pumping stuff, etc. would be SOOO wonderful!! I probably don't even know half the stuff I need, so fill me in!! Know any awesome brands I should be aware of? Send them my way!

I'm all ears on this one friends, and can't wait to read your recommendations!!

Have a sweet weekend, and if you didn't get in on the Sari Bari give-away from Tuesday, make sure to jump in on that here:) Both these pics feature a Sari Bari baby blanket that i'm giving away!

PS- If you need some encouragement and want to watch a super inspiring video, I'd recommend this one by Sally Clarkson. I listened to it last night while making dinner and honestly was so moved by her honesty and words about moving forward when life gets hard! You can watch it here. 

Huge Sari Bari Give-Away

Tuesday, October 18

You may remember that in January, Kevin and I were hired by an incredible company to fly to India and document their work in Calcutta. It was a crazy, fun, and meaningful trip to share some time with the staff and employees at Sari Bari, you can see pictures and read about it here and here. 

Sari Bari employs women coming out of trafficking and prostitution, and teaches them how to sew the most incredible bags, blankets and scarves out of used sari's. The women are also enrolled in a life skills training program, given meaningful employment and a new community.

Along with documenting their work in India, i've also done a few styled shoots for them as well which you can see here. 

Today, I want to give away 3 beautiful Sari Bari bags, and 1 gorgeous baby blanket.  There will be 4 winners, so you have a great chance at winning!!

All you have to do to enter is:
1) Leave a comment below with what product you like best
2) Like Sari Bari on IG, FB (if you don't use IG or FB, you can still enter!!)

That's it!!

Here are the exact products below. If you want to see them on the Sari Bari website, just click the actual picture…they are all linked! Good luck. I'll pick a winner next Monday, October 24th!


(and fyi, all the material to make the baby blankets are brand new sari's!) 




So…make sure to leave a comment with your favorite product, and you'll be entered to win that product! Good luck! xoxo 

Happy Fall…some super savor ways to decorate!

Friday, October 14

Hooray for Fall! It's been so fun this year having a house to decorate. We're on a pretty tight budget right now, so i've had to get creative in how I brighten up my home for the season. But one thing my mom always taught me is that you can do a lot with a little:) 

I've been having a lot of fun finding crafts on Pinterest and trying my hand with them. 

I made this leaf garland for my fireplace, which you can see below. I had a few coupons to Joanne's Fabric store, and got all my supplies there for next to nothing! A friend and I spent an afternoon cutting out these adorable leaves and stringing them up:) I also put a few of the fabric leaves on my table as decoration! 

Last Friday, some friends and I made soy candles (tutorial here). It was actually super duper easy and we had a blast! I adore candles but am super sensitive to most store-bought candles which have toxic fragrances. So making my own, scented with essential oils (I bought this one here called Christmas Spirit) was the perfect alternative. 

The cute Fall prints on my mantle are ALL free printables I found online! I know, I was so excited that they cost me nothing. I had the frames already, so just printed out the black and white prints at my house, and then printed out the watercolor wreath at Kinkos (as my printer wasn't big enough for the size of the frame). You can find the printables here, here and here. 

The real pumpkins I picked up at Trader Joes for 69 cents each, and the fake pumpkins I found at Joanne's for 50% off, so they were $3 each which I thought was quite the steal! 

So…moral of the story is that decorating can be both fun and economical!! 

And thank you ALL for the sweet and kind words you spoke to us about our sweet baby girl. It was so fun reading all your comments and connecting with you:) Love this community!! 

Happy Weekend, hope you're doing something Fallish to commemorate the season!! xoxo 
ps- if you missed it last year, you can see the Fall round-up I did last year of all my favorite Fallish links on the internet!! I recently revisited it and there's some fun stuff:)